【FESCO代招】【世界500强】Stream Analytics Test Developer
职位薪酬  面议
工作地点  北京
工作性质  全职
学历要求  本科


Stream Analytics(OSA) is a Java application server for the development and deployment of high-performance event driven applications. It can detect patterns in the flow of events, often based on filtering, correlation, and aggregation across event sources, and includes industry leading temporal and pattern match capabilities. 

- Task: 

The job entails development and execution of functional/integration test plans for the OSA across releases. 

You will be building test applications, developing automation frameworks and ongoing automation of test cases is also a part of deliverables. It requires a special focus on product functionality, usability, lifecycle and interoperability. 

Requires close coordination with several functional QA and development teams as well as the product managers and system engineers. The job requires working with state of the art products and technologies (BAM, BPM etc.) and various industry standards. It also entails working with other products in the Fusion Middleware Stack such as ODI, Coherence, WebLogic. 


• Good understanding of computer science fundamentals: operating system, database, networking, clustering.

• Solid Java programming skills and strong capability in debugging and trouble shooting.

• Good understanding of software development lifecycle and best practices. 

• Good understanding of standard testing methodologies and tools.

• Exposure to automation tools and technologies including the shell and script programming is an advantage.

• Understanding of big data technologies like Spark, Hadoop, Storm etc is an advantage.

• Good speaking and written communication skills in English.

• Well-rounded team players, with open mind, willing to accept challenges, hungry for knowledge and quest for new technologies, highly flexible with positive attitude required.

• Education: B.S/M.S in Computer Science or equivalent with consistently good academic record

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