【FESCO代招】【世界500强】Data Integrator Development Software Developer
职位薪酬  面议
工作地点  北京,上海
工作性质  全职
学历要求  本科


• Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence — by performing high-volume, high-performance loading of data warehouses, data marts, On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes, and analytical applications.

• Big Data — by providing prebuilt integration with Big Data technologies, such as Hadoop, and performing validation and transformation of data using Hive, Pig or Spark.

• Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) — by calling on external services for data integration and by deploying data services and transformation services that can be seamlessly integrated within an SOA infrastructure.

• Master Data Management (MDM) — by providing a comprehensive data synchronization infrastructure for customers who build their own data hubs.

• Migration — by providing efficient bulk load of historical data (including complex transformations) from existing systems to new ones.


• Bachelor or Master in Computer Science, or related fields with heavy focus on Computer Science. 

• Experience working with Java is a must

• Knowledge of relational database concepts and some hands-on experience of one popular Database

• Good verbal and written communication skills in English is a must

• Some experience of software engineering, debugging and analytical skills

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